My Mozy Review

For those who don’t know, Mozy is an online backup service which syncs your hard drive’s images, files, music, movies and more to the “Mozy cloud”. If you’ve never had a hard drive crash and burn on you, consider yourself in the ‘not yet’ category. But drive failures aren’t the only reason to backup your data. Theft, fire, natural disasters, and the like, could also make for a good justification. But since you’re already here at Mozy Reviews, I assume you understand the importance of having a good data backup plan in place, so I’ll move straight into my Mozy review–which is why you’re here after all, right?

The Mozy Sign Up Process

  1. Sign up by visiting the official Mozy Website.
  2. Choose whether you want MozyHome or MozyPro, for home or business use, respectively.
  3. Fill in your name, email, and password.
  4. Select a billing cycle (hint: Use Mozy Promotional Code: APRIL saves 10% off Update 3/31/2012: use promo code MOZY4ALL  and save 10% off MozyPro and MozyHome plans!).

Mozy Signup Screenshot

**Change the promo code to: MOZY4ALL .

Signing up is pretty self explanatory. I chose MozyHome because I’m using it for personal data. MozyHome is only $5.99 per month and I opted for the two year billing cycle which gave me 3 months free. You can also choose to go month-to-month with Mozy, but the 3 free months, combined with the 10% off of the two year price (vs. the paltry savings on a monthly invoice) made the two years at $113.22 an easy choice for me, but others may prefer just paying monthly for about $6 a month. Either way there’s no contracts and no set up fees.

Mozy Software

After you submit your order, you can download and install the Mozy software for either Mac or Windows. The software seems fairly intuitive. It very quickly made some assumptions about what I would want to backup, including: Documents, Music, Videos, Databases, Browser Favorites, et cetera. It will let you backup by directory and/or individual files. Next, it begins to backup or ‘sync’ your data on Mozy’s remote servers. This process took a few hours for me (ahem, MP3′s), so i let it run practically all day until it finished. It runs in the background though, so while it was syncing, I could still use my computer like normal. The initial backup is the longest because of all the new files, but subsequent backups are very quick because Mozy seems to just sync any new and/or changed files.

Screenshot of Mozy Software
More advanced computer users will appreciate the fine grain controls in Mozy’s options, but beginners need not worry about the additional options because all of the default settings will work out-of-the-box.  A Mozy app for Android is currently in beta, and a newly released Mozy iPhone/iPad app just became available, so you can view/listen/share your photos,music, documents that get backed up on Mozy.

What I Like About Mozy

  • I really like the fact that Mozy is a service by EMC, a Fortune 200 company.
  • The Mozy software mounts itself as an additional hard drive of sorts, so you can drag-and-drop at will.
  • Your files are stored on Mozy’s servers, but they get encrypted prior to being backed up for security.
  • Mozy gives you remote access to your files, so you can access them from multiple computers (with the free Mozy client)

What I Don’t Like About Mozy

  • It’s not really possible to share your backed up files publicly, but in Mozy’s defense that’s not what it’s designed for.  It’s for your own private backups.
  • I didn’t see an easy way to exit the software, it stays tucked away in the system tray.


If you’re thinking of signing up for Mozy, do it. Sign up for Mozy today, I highly recommend it. The software is so drop dead easy, that even your parents and non-techie friends will ‘get it’. The peace of mind in knowing that your data is safe, and that you can recover valuable files in an emergency is priceless. Personally, I don’t think you can be too safe when it comes to data and files. I hope you can avoid a potential disaster from losing files or data, and that you found my Mozy review helpful.

Mozy Gets a 5 Star Rating!I give Mozy 5 / 5 stars.

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